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Benefits of a Coeducational Private Boarding School

丝瓜视频成人app下载A gender equity study compiled from surveys of 39 independent schools throughout the U.S. reveals that Baylor does an exemplary job in providing equitable experiences for students, regardless of gender, in a number of critical areas.

丝瓜视频成人app下载According to the study, both girls and boys identify Baylor as a school where personal growth and development are encouraged, where opportunities for leadership and influence abound, where meaningful relationships are forged with peers and adults, where finding a sense of balance helps manage the stresses of school life, and where each student is treated equally – in and out of the classroom.

Highlights of the report include:

Source: Independent School Gender Project 1996-2009, by Cheryl Sandford Jenkins, Ed.D., St. George’s School , Rhode Island ; Principal Investigator for the Independent School Gender Project, April 2009.