What does The Baylor Fund Support?

The Baylor Fund represents Baylor's commitment to providing the resources needed for an outstanding educational experience.


Supporting a curriculum that is rigorous and diverse, offering advanced and AP courses as well international immersion through the Round Square network of schools.


丝瓜视频成人app下载Inspiring personal creativity and individual expression in dance, theater, music, technical and visual arts.


丝瓜视频成人app下载Offering opportunities for healthy competition, exercise, sportsmanship, personal growth and self-respect.


Creating opportunities for growth and leadership with strong advisor and faculty support, special activities, and a rich dormitory life.


Making a difference in the world by annually logging over 14,000 hours of service in the Chattanooga community as well as North Carolina and Jamaica.


Enabling faculty and staff members to grow and share professionally throughout their careers.


Providing theresources to enroll a student population that is highly diverse, talented, and motivated to succeed in Baylor's unique community.

Will your Employer Match Your Gift?

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Convenient Ways to Give to The Baylor Fund

Online Donations -

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Baylor School Leadership Giving Societies

Headmaster Society
$25,000 per year or more

John Roy Baylor Society
The Baylor Fund
丝瓜视频成人app下载$10,000 - $24,999 per year

Tower Society
The Baylor Fund
丝瓜视频成人app下载$5,000 - $9,999 per year

1893 Society
The Baylor Fund
$1,893 - $4,999 per year

The Hill Society
The Baylor Fund
丝瓜视频成人app下载$1,000 - $1,892 per year

Red and Gray Society
Baylor Fund
Up to $999 per year

Your tax-deductible contributions to the Baylor Fund directly support:
Academic Programs
Fine Arts
Faculty Development
Scholarships & Financial Aid
Community Service
丝瓜视频成人app下载Boarding Life